Psychotherapy and Therapeutic Writing


My practice

I use therapeutic writing as tool for self development, growth and recovery. It is an  evidenced based, affordable method that can be done by anyone, at their own pace. You do not have to be a good writer to do this!

My Focus

I introduce both clients and clinicians to the transformative power of therapeutic writing . 

With clients, the focus is on working through their issues, and creating  a toolbox of techniques that they can revert to in times of need.

Clinicians receive CE credits and are able to add to their repertoire of techniques. counseling psychotherapy

Change your brain!

Each writing exercise is followed by an explanation of how it changes our brain, allowing for a more intentional and  purposeful writing session. 

What can Writing be used for?

Depression, Anxiety, Trauma

Writing about the same situation repeatedly can make us feel worse. Learn creative ways to  manage emotions through writing and enhance joy in life. Learn about the qualities of therapeutic writing that lead you towards recovery


Relationships, Career Goals

 Relationships with the self and with others can be safely examined, new goals can be set and a behavioral  rehearsal can take place on paper.  

College Essays

Understanding the self is a key to a good essay. Learn creative ways of expressing your thoughts and showcasing your unique personality

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